Proven Technology and Expertise

Mature, Robust, Reliable - Shimmer’s market ready technology tailored to your solution


Shimmer’s Wearable Computing Technology Features

Our proven wearable computing and body sensor technology can easily integrate with existing systems and be integrated into market ready enterprises solutions.  

Shimmer’s body sensor technology can greatly reduce the enterprise research and NPD (new product development) time and cost with the following key features:

  • Robust, mature, market ready technology – proven sensor technology that has successfully developed in products and solutions in Europe and North America
  • Addresses challenges of size, wearability, reliable communications and low power consumption
  • Flexible and Configurable core technology can be tailored to each enterprise application and solution requirements
  • Complete control over data captured for interpretation and analysis specific to your application, unlike propriety and closed sensor platform
  • Key support tools readily available – including instrument driver, enabling software, and advanced feature software
  • Reduce application development time and cost by building upon a ‘tried and tested’ platform

Shimmer – Technical Specifications