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ConsensysPRO Software

ConsensysPRO Software

ConsensysPRO Software

Continuing to add significant features to your live data, managed data and devices, Shimmer has now released Consensys V1.1.0 for Windows, with two versions, ConsensysPRO and ConsensysBASIC, to meet your individual needs.

ConsensysPRO software is the most advanced version of Consensys V1.1.0 It is designed for; adaptive human data collection in the field, large scale repeatable trials and general multi sensor management. The new software builds on its predecessor Consensys V0.4.4, and now offers rapid configuration and data capture in an easy-to-use graphical interface with increased performance and reliability.

With a range of features that allow the user to programme firmware and configure, record and plot data from multiple Shimmers simultaneously, ConsensysPRO now includes tools such as event markers for data annotation and built in algorithms for off-line and on-line processing, including 6DoF to Quaternion, 9DoF to Quaternion, ECG-to-HR and PPG-to-HR.

Additional features added to the PRO software in May 2017 include;

  • Inter-beat inerval for ECG and PPG
  • Activity level reports for Kinematic data
  • EMG Band-pass filtering

Take advantage of a 30 day ConsensysPRO trial for evaluation (allows you access to all the features that ConsensysPRO has to offer – license purchase and registration is required to use the full application after the trial period and can be purchased from the dropdown above, one license per PC required). We will continue to offer a free basic functionality in ConsensysBASIC providing the ability to run, collect and download data with a single Shimmer sensor.

Consensys V1.1.0, incorporating ConsensysPRO and ConsensysBASIC can be downloaded from below. 


  • Users can purchase a licence for ConsensysPRO from the dropdown above
  • Users can register for a 30 day free trial of ConsensysPRO by accessing Free Trial which will expire on the 30th day
  • Users can register indefinitely for ConsensysBASIC, with no expiration date.




Changes to Consensys Support:

ConsensysPRO will be provided for an annual fee that includes updates and our enhanced support policy. Users of our free version ConsensysBASIC are not eligible for software support, but our hardware warrantees remain in place as per the Purchase Agreement in place at the time of the purchase.

We will be phasing out previous versions of Consensys and other software.  Consensys V0.4.4 will cease to be available for download on October 1, 2016. We will cease to provide technical support for Consensys V0.4.4 as of December 31, 2016. All current users may continue to use this current version.

Please visit our Q&A section here or contact your sales representative here if you have any questions.

Purchase and License Agreements

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