Shimmer has developed, in collaboration, end user solutions for specific applications in the Neuroscience, Gait Analysis and Falls Risk space.


NeuroLynQ is a complete solution which, using scientifically validated GSR and ECG data, provides unique insight into the unconscious reactions of a large group of people simultaneously. Learn more and enquire about NeuroLynQ here.

QTUGTM is a fast and efficient tool for identifying older adults at risk of falling, using precise and accurate Shimmer sensors. In less than 5 minutes, it provides an objective assessment of gait and mobility, frailty, falls risk as well as detailed breakdown of the TUG test. Learn more about QTUGTM here.

Kinesis GAITTM is a portable clinical tool for quantitative assessment of gait and mobility. Using wireless sensors worn on the legs, Kinesis GaitTM can monitor gait and mobility during any clinical walking test protocol. Learn more about Kinesis GAITTM here.

Coming in 2017

Shimmer is currently developing two new solutions for release in 2017. Stay Tuned!!