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Shimmer Wireless Sensor Platform Technical Features

The Shimmer platform was originally designed for education, academic, applied, and clinical researchers to integrate wireless body sensor technology into a wide range of application areas.

The platform is based on a flexible and configurable philosophy; Shimmer has a range of features designed for Research and Education:

  • Configurable and flexible – the platform can be programmed to meet each applications exact data capture and transfer requirements
  • High quality, robust, scientifically reliable data – with the platform validated and reference in over 100 peer reviewed journal articles
  • Reduce application development time and cost with reliable and robust technology that can be rapidly integrated into overall solution
  • Complete control over data captured for interpretation and analysis specific to your application, unlike propriety and closed sensor platform
  • Key support tools readily available – including instrument driver, enabling software, and advanced feature software
  • Addresses challenges of size, wearability, reliable communications and low power consumption
  • Large research and user community

Shimmer3 – Technical Specifications

Shimmer3 - Technical Specification