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Wearable Technology, Sensing Solutions

Shimmer solutions are being designed for those who want to harness the ingenuity and power of wireless sensing solutions with ease and simplicity. Shimmer solutions will be fully integrated hardware, firmware and software to offer wearable systems for specific application and clinical purposes.

How Shimmer Solutions Work – System Overview

Wearable sensor systems have a number of key elements, from the hardware design to capture sensed data specific to the person and their environment, right through to the software that presents the data in a meaningful and useful way.

  • Sensor Hardware: This allows for capture of sensed data specific to the persons biophysical signals, movements, or surrounding environment. The technology is designed to be wearable and unobtrusive, so as not to impede in the persons typically movements or behaviour
  • Sensor Firmware: This allows for the sensor hardware to capture and transmit the data specific to the clinical or application use case. It is developed to match requirements such as frequency of data capture, storage, transmission and power consumption battery life requirements
  • Systems Integration and Software: This provides overall integration into the usage environment, as well as presentation of the data in the location and manner required by the end user. Key aspects include presenting the data in a meaningful and usable format

Who are the solutions designed for?

The first range of solutions to be offered will be designed for clinical, rehabilitation, or care delivery professionals who are looking to offer an improved care offering to their clients, which obtaining richer data set to make improved decisions. The data captured offers clinical accuracy, whilst provided a more holistic picture. Shimmer Solutions are designed to e straightforward and user friendly allowing for accelerated insights and a manageable configurable system to extract data that is relevant to the user.